I know you’re busy with so many emails, and calendar notices, and social media notifications. It must be daunting being you! That’s why I’m here! To be your personal, environmental assistant. One glance at me, and you know how you’re doing at conserving electricity, and I make it easier for you to manage your environmental impact.

Puppet Plant assist you to build better sustainable habits through...


how it works

This prototype uses an Arduino Mega 2560 and Python to perform real-time temperature analysis and to control the plant avatar and ambiance. This system is limited to temperature sensing and simulates data from a home HVAC network. Future variants would connect to a NEST© , Apple© , or similar home environment networks. The system compares indoor temperature to average comfort ranges and provides feedback to the owner through color and dynamic motion of its limbs and body. Green and upright is positive, while red and slumped is wasteful.

inspirations & moving forward

Our goal is to inspire people to improve their habits by emphasizing with a physical product. We want to use PuppetPlant as a prototype to illustrate how using emotions of the things people care about can motivate them to adopt good habits. This can be a starting point of Puppet series, where people who want to improve themselves purchase the PuppetPlant version of things they care about e.g. PuppetDog, PuppetDoll.

This prototype, created over the course of 36 hours, demonstrates the key aspects of the product. Future prototypes may be integrated with smart homes or wearable devices to track an individual's behavior, from environmental impact to personal wellness, and provide useful feedback to assist them in achieving their goals.If you are interested in knowing more about the process, don't hesitate to contact us (see below).

the makers


Ju Hwan Park


Siva Bharadvaj


Mind Apivessa


Michael Suguitan